Winning Federal Contracts

*CONSULTING,  services that provide high-value, confidential consulting at no cost to help Florida businesses, small and large, profit or non-profit by researching and helping them bid on government contracts for the DoD and other federal agencies, the state of Florida and local agencies  and the Governments Federal Prime Contractors.

*NETWORKING, the program provides clients with government contracting and matchmaking events to help businesses connect and meet with agency buying offices and prime contractors.

*TRAINING, the program provides to it's client's training at no cost that will help in each step of the process to educate and inform them of how to be successful in this market.

The Federal Guidebook Packed with techniques necessary to find, negotiate, and win government contracts this guide is for anyone that is looking for a way to ...........More
Federal Process Mindmap
This mindmap is a visual presentation of the process of doing business with the federal govenrment..the process.....More
GSA Mindmap
This is the visual presentation of what a company must go through to get on a GSA Schedule....More
The Automated Information Service. We scan over 1,400 web sites daily to bring to your business prifile all the government (Fedeal, State and Local) that your company is qualified to bid on......More
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