This site is also about our Family, who they are, what they are doing and our past relatives that have left us with memories of good times, good food and the love of each other. More to come on that!

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The How to Book
Packed with techniques necessary to find, negotiate, and win government contracts, this updated guide for small-business owners includes the latest processes for competing. Ten easy steps are detailed for entering a business into the federal procurement system, receiving bids for lucrative federal contracts, and successfully competing for government contracts. Small-business owners learn how to use the Internet to get government contracts, find government buyers, write and submit a winning proposal, and capture their share of this 311-billion-dollar market.


Win Government Contracts is in it's Fifth edition, thousands of companies have used this book to enter and expand their ability to get Federal Government contracts. Written in plain english, it tells you how you can be successful in getting a government contract. Our book is now out of print, but still available through our site, while we work on the newest edition. Get signed up for the pre-print by ordering here, to, send your name and email




Strategic Planning
Government Contracting
Construction Management
Business and Economic Development
541512 – Computer Systems Design Svcs.
541513 – Computer Facilities Management Svcs.
541519 – Other Computer Related Svcs.
541611 – Admin. Management and General Management Consulting
541613 – Marketing Consulting Svcs.
541618 – Other Management Consulting Svcs.
561410 – Document Preparation Services
611430 – Professional and Management Development Training



Latest Work

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This is now out of print and no longer available. I am in the process of re building the book from the ground floor.


Web Design

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I have started to work on several websites for local companies. For information on a website for your business please contact me.

Family Section

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